Hardbite Chips

Starting their journey in beautiful British Columbia, Hardbite experimented with handcrafting all-natural chips without any artificial flavours or preservatives. From figuring out how to cook them just right to perfecting the flavour profiles, their hard work definitely reflects in their mouth watering all-natural snacks. 

Their goal was simple. It was to “create the best natural chip [they] possibly could”. The connoisseurs at Hardbite only chose the highest quality potatoes from local farmers and focused on all natural ingredients. They were one of the first to go non-GMO in the chip industry. 

People really seemed to like the ‘all-natural’ approach as it complimented their lifestyle. And that’s exactly where Hardbite drew their inspiration from. Whether it was going for a long walk through Grouse Mountain or  cycling down the sea wall, it was all about celebrating nature. 

“What a better way to celebrate an adventure than to scarf down a bag of all-natural chips that taste awesome” - Hardbite.

Over the years Hardbite has expanded quickly and on a larger scale as well as their products. In addition to their amazing potato chips, they’ve added chips made from beets, yams, and parsnips. Through these new ventures Hardbite’s quality has never wavered and always stayed consistent. You can find three different series from Hardbite, Classic, Avocado, and Root Veg Series. The classic series brings you classics such as, Jalapeno, BBQ, Salt and Vinegar, so on and so forth. The Avocado series are potato chips cooked with avocado oil and lighter seasonings such as Honey Dijon, Black Sea Salt, and Salt and Pepper. On the more creative side of things, their Root Veg Series explores chips made out of different vegetables like yams, parsnips, pumpkin and  beets. The ‘Smokin’ Sweet Spud’ chips, for instance, are all-natural yams chips cooked to perfection, seasoned with smoky barbecue sauce! 

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